Welcome to yet another interview with the master of horror himself, yes folks ‘King Diamond’ who speaks exclusively to Jason Brown to find out more about the new offering ‘Abigail 2 - The Revenge’.

As we all know King is a master in his own rights and this is an excellent follow up to the debut ‘Abigail trilogy, after all King does have probably the greatest or one of the greatest guitarist in the world, yes folks Andy LaRocque, who’s guitar playing is incredible and intense. Well it’s been a few years since the last interview I did with King, so I had a lot to talk about, so I started the interview off by asking him why so many people in the press have received the edited CD for review, here is what he had to say. In the meantime check out ‘Abigial - The Revenge’ before either King or Abigail comes after you!!”