Still Forged in Fire... Anvil speak out About Anvil is Anvil.

Well it is always good to catch up with my fellow Canadian brothers... Anvil. Been a fan from the aged of 11 back in 81 and have been a loyal fan throughout my life and continued supporting their music. Anvil will and never will change for no one, accept them or pretty much fuck off!! Lips and Robb are the driving force of Anvil and have done so since the 70's, making a name for themselves back in 81 with their debut album 'Hard & Heavy', the album that pretty much stamped them on the Heavy Metal map. 'Metal on Metal' in 82 saw the band breaking into the big time and successful tours soon followed, and with 'Forged in Fire' saw the band embark a tour with Motorhead across the UK and Europe. Plenty of albums would follow and of course some line up changes, but Lips and Robb have stayed true with their friendship throughout the years making quality Canadian music.

With a new album 'Anvil is Anvil', released on SPV the band embark on yet another successful tour with UDO 'Dirkschneider', for a almost 3 month tour across Europe with saw the band selling even more albums than ever before, even more so making new fans whilst on this tour. I managed to catch up with the biys in Sheffield last month to find out a little about the album and the tour. Here is what Lips and Robb had to say about the tour and the album, sadly this was a short interview but still an interesting one.

It's always good to see my Canadian brothers, hope you are all well. So let's talk about the new album 'Anvil is Anvil', how did it take to record the new album?

(R) "Well we did the album in about a month in Germany, and Martin 'Mattes' Pfeiffer mixed at his house in a couple of weeks. The mastering was done in a couple of weeks by Jacob Hansen who did a killer fucking job!! He is a great producer and he does great work on his own."

So what songs from the new album stand out for you and why?

(R) "Die for a Lie' is a great song, I just like the whole song, what way is it put together.

(L) "When you think of all the shit that is going right now in Belgium and France with religious fanatics killing innocent people in the name of God is a fucking joke!! There are no facts that were is such a thing as GOD!! So it is a 'Die for a Lie'. I like all the songs on the record, otherwise I would not of written it"

Moving on do you have any ideas already for the next album?

(L) "Yes more Burgers and fries haha!!"

How many videos have you recorded so far for this album?

(R) "Well we shot one on this tour for the song 'Zombie Apocalypse' but we haven't seen it yet! We are also doing a video for the song 'Daggers & Rum' in October, not sure where if will be filmed yet, maybe Germany. We are going to have Chris walk the blank (Ed: Oh does this mean you will be looking for another bass player then haha?) (L) "We have made a few bass players walk the blank in our time"

Talking of you're old bass players, do you ever see or speak too them?

(L) "No!!"

Don't you think it is about time you guys did 'The Story of Anvil Pt.2?

(L) "Well yes if we can get the director involved on it then yes!! The movie has made him famous as well and he is really busy and he has plenty of work to do and no time for us. He did film some of it for the next one but it is sat on his computer waiting to see if it will ever get finished. I watched 40 minutes of it and it is fucking awesome!!"

(R) "Anvil pt.2 is on the back burner for now, we did film some footage in the studio for it. (Ed: I am not just saying this because I am friends with you, but it really is the best music documentary ever made with Lemmy's film too.) I agree it is the most honest and true film you will ever see. People still think we were acting but we were not it was all honest and true filming."

So how well has the tour with 'Dirkschneider'. been going for you so far?

(L) "This tour has been awesome on every level and we have made lots of new fans whilst been on this long and successful tour we have done in our enter career. We have 3 people to thank for this tour, SPV, ITM and UDO himself.

(R) "We are showing the fans our Anvil smashing machine every night whilst on this tour."

I understand that you guys are coming back with Raven in October, will this include any UK dates?

(R) "From October 20th to December 20th there will be a headlining tour for the band and there could be a chance that we maybe tour with Raven as well. As far as we know we will be coming back on our own through Europe from those dates just mentioned. we are only playing a 45 minute set on this tour and we are use to playing longer, so that is why we need to come back and do a headlining tour later in the year." The UK has a lot of love for this band & we love to keep coming back and that is why we keep coming back."

Anything to say before we come to an end?

(L) "Yes, if at 1st you don't succeed, then keep on sucking till you do succeed."

(R) "Yes... Burgers!!!"

(C) "Anvil is Anvil... Burgers is burgers!!"

Just in case you are wondering what the Burger thing is about? Well the boys decided to call me Jason 'Burgers' Brown because of my accent.. you guys crack me up...