In the Name of Metal... Patrik Johansson speak Out.

Sweden has some of the best musician's as we all know, not to say other countries don't either but Sweden seems to have the majority. There are has been various style to come out of Sweden, from bands such as Europe, ABBA, Yngwie Malmsteen to heavier bands like Arch Enemy, In Flames, Hammerfall, Tad Morose and so on... and now Bloodbound. The band once featured ex Jaded Heart singer Michael Bormann and ex Tad Morose singer Urban Breed, who later on formed Serious Black. Bloodbound to me are a fresh and exciting band that in some ways remind me of Dream Evil's little brothers, because of their lyrics and music. 

I managed to finally chat with singer Patrik Johansson to find out more about the band, their formation, line-up changes, albums and of course their new live CD/DVD. Here is what he had to say about the band and the future plans for the band. Power Metal from Sweden is just getting better as this band proves it. Check out their last album 'Stormborn' through AFM Records.

Well Patrick thanks for taking you're time out and doing this interview, the 1st one for Friday 13th. Let's start the interview off by asking a few warm up question. I believe the band was formed back in 2004?

"I was not in the band back then and I joined the band back in 2010 and the band had released 3 albums before I joined. The band released their debut album in 2005 'Nosferatu' this featured Urban Breed (ex Tad Morose) which was followed up with 'Book of the Dead', in 2007 and this album featured ex Jaded Heart/ now with Silent Force Michael Bormann. Later on Urban returned to the band for the 3rd album 'Tabula Rasa' in 2009. With Michael as the singer they couldn't do much with him because they lived so far away from each other, he was in Germany and the band were in Sweden. They asked me to join the band in 2010, I love the debut album and I was a fan of the band before I joined them."

What did you think of the 2nd album with Michael compared to that of the debut with Urban?

"I thought it was ok, not as good as the debut mind you. It was still good and then the band released the 3rd album 'Tubula Rasa', which was ok but I thought the band lost their Power Metal elements and were heading for a Progressive Metal style. I think they wanted to do that to Keep Urban so they kept that style."

Do you know why Urban left the band after the 1st album?

"I really don't know, I think he wanted to try something new, I don't think there was any bad blood because he rejoined the band."

So you joined the band for the album 'Unholy Cross', what band were you in before Bloodbound?

"Well I had a band called 'Dawn of Silence'. they were Power Metal and we released 2 albums. The debut album was released on Metal Heaven, the 2nd album was released on GMR Records here in Sweden. We sounded like Iron Maiden, with German metal influences like Edguy."

So why did you leave 'Dawn of Silence'? Was it because you joined Bloodbound?

"I wanted to do some shows in my town here in Sweden and I booked Bloodblound to play here, after the show we had a little party and I played them my old band's music Dawn of Silence, and they liked what they heard, they liked my voice and said it was a shame that they didn't know before as I could of sang on the 'Book of the Dead' album. We kept in touch an when they #needed a singer they contacted me."

So why did Urban leave again?

"I think he left because he wanted to do something different, the 2nd album 'Tubula Rasa' was totally different to the debut and the rest of the band wanted to do Power Metal."

 Do you life far from the rest of the bvand, what with them living in Bollnas the same place as Tad Morose, Morgana Lefay?

"Yes I don't live in Bollnas, a live pretty far away and when it comes to rehearsals they do it without me and I practice at home. We see each on stage which is funny, it can be nervous at times."

As a vocalist who are you're influences?

"Well I like Bruce Dickinson, Michael Kiske (ex Helloween) Rob Halford and Dio. I think you are influenced by what you listen too and who you grew up with."

How many demos did you record before the debut release you did with the band?

"Well I think we did a demo with about 6-7 songs just to see if it would work out. Soon after that we recorded the album 'Unholy Cross'."

So who came up with that album title?

"I think it was Thomas Olssan our guitarist and the original founder member of the band along with Fredrik Bergh the keyboard player."

What did you think of the band before you joined them and did you ever think you would be the singer?

"Well I liked the band as I said before, I never thought I would be the singer in the band and when I started to know them personally they later on asked me to join the band. I was very happy when they asked me to join the band."

When you joined the band for the album 'Unholy Cross', did you contribute to the song writing for this album? Also which songs from that album do you like?

"No most of it was already written, I think I was involved in 2 song with Thomas. I like the 1st song on the album 'Moria' because as it is always fun to play it live, and it is also one of the popular songs from the band. I also like 'Drop the Bomb' and 'The ones we left Behind' are great songs. The album sold well as far as I know."

The next album you recorded was 'In the name of Metal', a great title very much like Dream Evil' Book of Heavy Metal', don't you think? I think you sound like them too and also Hammerfall, do you agree with me on this?

"I guess the title say's it all really, the bands we grew up on. I can see what you mean, yes!! I liked Dream Evil, their debut was great!! I also like Hammerfall too, so I can see were you are coming from."

Do you think if Dream Evil were still together that you would be a perfect support act for them? I certainly do!!

"Yes maybe that would be a nice tour. I think they are still together but not doing much."

What bands influenced you to make this record?

"Well I think it is a celebration to 80's heavy metal, the bands we grew up with."

So do you get involved with writing the lyrics for the band?

"No not really, Thomas writes the music and lyrics for the band, they actually want me to get involved with the song writing but I think they have some great ideas without me and I am happy with the way it is going."

What do you do for a job? Teach singing lessons?

"No not at all, I work in a school, a school for kids with special needs. I am like a support worker.

Moving on with the next album 'Stormborn', who came up with this title for the release?

"Well again it was Thomas who came up with the title. He was inspired by the 'Game of Thorns', it is a very good show and Thomas thought it was good to our music."

Which songs from that album do you like and why?

"I think that album the most, I think the music suits the bands music and it is more bombastic and I think it is something we all wanted to do. I like the song 'Satanic Panic', I think it comes from when they use to burn witches it was a Satanic Panic. I like most of them like 'Iron Thorne' as it is a fast song and I also like the title track."

How long did it take to record this album?

"Well it wasn't that long, Thomas did his parts 1st and then I do my vocals, I think it took about a month in total with the guitars getting done and drums then I finish the album off."

A lot of bands don't record together anymore organically, it seems to be done at their own studios and sent a files over the computer. How does this work for Bloodbound?

"It would be very cool and it's all about money and a lot of labels don't do that these days. It can be good to record by yourself as you don't feel that stressed, but when we record the vocals I always go to Bollnas to record with the rest of the guys. The whole album took about a month to record."

Are there any songs from that album that you don't like and why? Did the album sell well for the band too?

"No not at all, I like all the songs on that album. I think the album sold well enough, I haven't seen any numbers of sales yet."

Are you happy with AFM? 

"Yes we are, Thomas is the one who is in contact with them. They look after us the best they can and there not the biggest of labels but they do a great job."

Did this album feature any special guests on the album or will the next one?

"No this album did not feature any guests but we may for the next one, we have spoken about it."

After the release of this album you released the live CD/DVD, how did that come about?

"Well it was the 10th anniversary of the band and we talked about doing a live CD/DVD and we talked to the label about doing it. Then we got booked for this massive festival in Check Republic and we had a great slot for the festival. We had a 70 minute show and we had a great set list to pick for the set.  I think the album is selling really well in Sweden right now."

Are you planning on releasing the next album this year?

"No not at the moment, we don't want to rush anything, we have ideas that the moment but that's it."

Any ideas for song titles for the next album?

"No not yet? We have some ideas. I play guitar too so I do have some ideas from playing with the guitar and I played guitar with Dawn of Silence."

Do you think you may do another album with you're previous band?

"Well we actually tried to write new song but in the end it didn't work out. So now it's on Ice."

Any plans to play any festival this summer?

"Yes we are playing in the Czech Republic and one in Belgium, think it's Graspop and one in Sweden."

Are there any side projects with Bloodbound?

"Yes there is, I have a band called 'Shadow Quest' with Masterplan's bassist, along with Dionysus and we have released an album about 2yrs ago released through our own label."

Well thank's for doing the interview, do you have anything to say before we finish?

"Yes, if you don't know us please check us out, and please come and see us live if you can."

Thanks to Patrick and Mr Exley for the involvement of the interview.