Interview with Paul Logue

"Newly signed to AFM Records from Germany, is yet another melodic but very talented melodic Metal act under the name of 'Eden's Curse'. Like Edens Curse, AFM have such a strong roosters of melodic metal acts such as Evidence 1, Axxis, Crystal Ball, Doro, so adding Eden's Curse is yet another fine addition to their rooster. This band consists of Paul Logue formely with Cry Havoc, who is joined by U.S. singer Michael Eden, Thorsten Koehne (guitars), Ferdy Doernberg (Keyboads) known for his work with Axel Rudi Pell/ Rough  Silk, Pete Newdeck (drums). The band's debut album just self titled has made a big impression on the underground metal scene so far and with rave reviews can only mean 1 thing, success isn't too far away for the band. I managed to chat with bass player Paul about the formation and the debut album as well what like ahead for the band. Here is what Paul had to say."

Paul, a lot of Rock & Metal fans already know the guys behind EDEN..S CURSE, but maybe you would like to introduce “your guys” to us…

"Sure thing! Well, fronting the band with “The Voice” is my partner-in-crime, my co-writer and my American blood brother Michael Eden. On guitar we have one of Germany’s best kept secrets – “Lord Of The Strings” himself - Mr Thorsten Koehne (Code Of Perfection/Paul Sabu/ex-Demon Drive/ex-Attack). Keys are provided by the super talented Ferdy Doernberg (Rough Silk/Axel Rudi Pell/Uli Jon Roth) and last but by no means least, on the drums is the colossus that is Pete Newdeck (Steve Grimmett/The Shock/Paul Dianno’s Killers)."

Your style will remind a lot of people of the “glorious” days of Hard Rock in the 80..s, but “Eden..s Curse” comes with an up-to-date sound, created by PINK CREAM 69..s Dennis Ward.

"That’s very kind of you to say, thanks! My influences as a songwriter are firmly rooted in the 80’s and whilst I think there is a lot of great music out there today the bands that effected my writing style are very much from that era – acts such as Queensryche, Pink Cream 69, Dokken, Lynch Mob etc. We are also huge fans of Dennis Ward’s work and some of the acts he has worked with, like the wonderful Silent Force for example, are mixed exactly how we wanted our record to be mixed. I think Dennis captured exactly what we wanted in his usual fantastic style."

Your singer Michael Eden will soon be recognised as one of the biggest vocal talents in the scene around. His performance on the album is just magnificent. What did Michael do before EDEN..S CURSE?

"I totally agree with you – Michael’s performance is magnificent! I seen with my own two eyes how hard he worked in the studio and there is no doubt he sung his balls off on this record. I am so happy for him; he truly deserves any praise coming his way. Dennis also deserves immense credit for the production ideas, coaching and support he gave Mike throughout. It wasn’t easy, but the end results are well worth the blood, sweat and tears. Prior to Eden’s Curse Michael played in a few local bands in Indiana (USA) but in the main he was pretty much undiscovered. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across and advert of his on a Musicians forum. I guess you could say it was a post that changed my life, certainly as I knew it, for the best part of two years."

It’s said that “Eden..s Curse” receives a lot of critical acclaim even before the release and first reactions on the album speak of a “new sensation”. Do you expect a huge impact on the scene right from the start or do you think the market situation worldwide would not allow this.

 "Well, when we started the band Michael and I spoke of “maximum impact”. We spoke for many hours, sometime 5 days a week, before we even made music together. We talked about who we’d like to produce the record, do the artwork and ultimately sign with. No way in my wildest dreams did I think we’d score 3 out 3 with Dennis Ward, Thomas Ewerhard and AFM Records’ names in the boxes. It’s the stuff dreams are made of … and well, listen to the song “Heaven Touch Us” – we felt there may  You never know about success though. With theJbe a higher power involved.  album coming out in Europe, Japan, Latin America and the USA - if everyone continues to talk this way and people act on the reviews then success could be achieved. I’ve always said that success personally for me will be if we are asked to record a second album. Anything else like a tour etc. would be a bonus, and a nice bonus at that!"

Carsten Schulz of Evidence One has co-written half of the album, and with “Eyes Of The World” there is even an Evidence One song on the album that was written by him and Robby Böbel. How come that you work so close with these guys?

"Carsten originally answered our advert for a guitar player on a website, as he was representing Thorsten. We mentioned Evidence One as a style of sound that we were aiming for and I couldn’t believe here was the vocalist of that very band shopping a guitar player to us. Anyway, Carsten is a fantastic guy and we hit it off immediately. Everyone in the band loves the guy – he is so infectious! Whilst I was writing Carsten happened to mention that if I needed any lyrics etc just ask, so as I had a full album to write and Mike and I were busy working on lyrics for 3 or 4 songs, I thought “What the hell …” and sent Carsten three tracks that were completed musically and he came back with the first draft of lyrics and melodies. Mike and I instantly fell in love with a lot of his ideas, and although we re-worked them a lot to be what they are, there is no doubt his ideas were pivotal in shaping what we perceive as being the Eden’s Curse sound."

I am such a big fan of Evidence One and when he brought forward “Eyes …” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It’s a killer track and perfect for us! The members of EDEN..S CURSE are all well-known and respected musicians and I can imagine that they all have a busy schedule. Do you think it would be possible to go on tour with EDEN..S CURSE?

"Absolutely! We have all talked about this and we all want to do it. We have hatched our battle plans already, like we would need a second guitarist on stage, and he is already in place. If the sales are good enough and AFM ask us to tour, then if we can make it happen we most certainly will! Technology means we can rehearse individually at home and then have rehearsals prior to tour together. The guys are all wonderful musicians, so I have no worries in that department. I’m quite excited about the prospect to be honest. I mean, songs like “Stronger Than The Flame” and “Fallen King” just have to be played live!"

Your “Backing Vocal Army” is all that a Rock fan can dream of: Doogie White, David Readman and Carsten Schulz.

"Absolutely! Three killer singers and three genuinely nice guys. I was working with David on his solo album and floated the idea about doing BV’s and he was delighted to help. Carsten was already on board, and I was introduced to Doogie by a mutual friend and we started writing some songs for his solo record. I again asked if he would help out and he was delighted to contribute. They did an amazing job!"

One question has to be asked: with a singer named Michael EDEN, is EDEN..S CURSE a band like for example DIO or HALFORD, where it..s obvious that he is the main character? And independent of your answer: what the hell is  Michael..s “Curse” ?)

 "Michael and I are the two main characters in this story, but we have a wonderful supporting cast who’s opinions and ideas are well and truly respected and very much welcomed. It just happened to be when we were picking the band name Eden’s Curse came up as an idea and we thought it was perfect. Some may think it’s egotistical, but it’s a good name regardless. Michael’s curse is the super human powers that he posesses. He has the ability to smell bullshit before he even opens an email. Sometimes he just makes a mental note of the email address and sends a reply without even reading the content. It truly is a gift and one that is certainly tested in his chosen profession! ;-)

"Well Id like to thank you for doing this interview Paul, best of luck to you, and the rest of the band, may the curse be lifted and success come your way for many years to come. Do you have anything to add?"

Yeah, thanx to our fans for their support, we really appreciate it and we look forward to playing some shows in the very near future. Best of luck with the website Jase.


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