Farewell To The Curse... Paul Logue Speaks Out.

International band 'Eden's Curse' have been around for some time now, having established themselves as one of the most successful underground bands. Formed back in 2006 by Paul Logue and Michael Eden, the 2 set out to record music together and find musicians for the debut album. They found Pete Newdeck (Grim Reaper/ Lionsheart) on drums along with guitarist Thorsten Koehne (Demo Drive) on guitars, Ferdy Doernberg (Axel Rudi Pell) on keyboards and the band signed to AFM and released their debut in 2007.

This was the beginning of a very successful relationship with AFM. The band have recorded 10 releases to date. With the band at their peck with a very strong line up been Nikola Mijic (vocals), Paul Logue (bass), Thorsten Koehne (guitars), John Clelland (drums) and Chrism (keyboards) the band released the 'Testament' album which is kind of a 'Best Of' which contains un released songs and songs with guest vocalist.

I managed to catch up with long time friend Paul Logue to find out what's been happening in the camp and what the future holds. Here is what Paul had to say.

Well it's great meeting you again Paul, it's been such a long time since we last did an interview. So let's start by asking you why does it take so long for the band to tour as a lot of people would be wondering this?

"Well it's been such a long time since we met Jason, it's good to see you again. The reason why it takes so long for us to tour is the fact that we are an international band so getting a tour organized can take some time. We have not played in Grimsby for some time because of the fact that we need to get everybody together, rehearse, and book a tour. You know how it is here at the Yard Birds, a great venue and there's always bands playing every night . So it was 2014 when we last played here .

We have never played Manchester up until the 'Cardinal' tour  we played the Academy 3 but we played there last year with Michael Schenker which was a great tour."

What memories do you have from playing this club the last time around?

"Really great people, we were treated really well by the club and Robbo is such a nice guy and I have gone on with working with him when I worked for Shock City. I have recently left the company and I manage Eden's Curse, I book them too."

Do you ever see or speak to Michael Eden?

"No I don't speak, I get emails from him but there not asking how I am doing, there quite the opposite, so I just ignore them."

What band was you in before Eden's Curse was formed?

"Well I was in a Van Halen tribute and I was in a band called 'Cry Havoc' from Glasgow and we were on Now & Then Records for 10yrs but the album never actually came out, it was left on the shelve. It did come out eventually on Majestic Rock."

When you look back Paul at the previous albums with Eden's Curse do you have a favourite album and why?

"I really don't have a favourite album. It's like which is your favourite child? I think it could be the debut album because we just wanted to make an album and we have no idea it would sell so well. We didn't even think we would develop a fan base and have a good relationship with AFM Records to even release a 2nd album. I think each album has it's own personality and I think they are all different and I think we have grown as a band as song writers and in writing music. 

If you listen too songs on 'Cardinal' sound a little bit away from what we usually do. It's all about the guitar sound, the song writing style and melodies and having Dennis Ward as our producer and Thomas Ewerhard it all sounds like a Eden's Curse record. Some people thought we had gone AOR on the 'Symphony of Sin' album (Ed: No way Paul, for me it's the best album you have done) but there is no AOR in that record, but there are melodic moments on that record for sure. 

We have a better singer, I mean I liked Michael's voice and I love Nikolas voice and bare in mind I have produced both of their voices and I have had the in a vocal booth and me at the mixing desk and I know their capabilities and what we have now is a singers singer, we have a great line up right now and we all get along so well we don't need to change a thing. "

So if you don't have a favourite album do you at least have favourite songs and if so which ones?

"I think as a bass player I like songs that have groove and you have known me for many years Jason so you know how I write. I write bass lines and send them to Thorsten who turns them into songs and he gets the general idea of how the song will turn out because of my bass playing. For me favourite songs to this day have to be 'No Holy Man', I just love it as it puts the hairs on my neck stand up. I think the album 'Testament' is a good example of the songs that have stayed in our set live for so many years. 

Our label at that time suggested it as we were going on tour with Schenker and think of the guys in that band who had never seen your band live, so you don't want to overwhelm them with 5 albums worth of material. Just give them 1 album were they can walk out saying 'Fuck this is a great album and band'.  

So we picked the songs like 'Fly Away', 'Judgment Day' are all still in the set. This album features a new song 'Forever' and we also have a couple of unreleased mixes and never heard in the public before.

For us as a band we have think outside the box, you know yourself Jason just how hard the music business is, and what I have been saying to AFM, our fans are the hardcore basis of our survival and we don't want to flees them out. I also wanted to give them something that is completely unique that they can keep and can't get anywhere else."

So we write and record all of the songs to the best of our ability before Dennis actually gets the album. These are demo recordings and I sing on them and send them to Nick who gets the general idea and knows how to turn them about.

So it starts with drum programs and then John does his drum parts and T.K will do his guitar parts, but it is my vocals until Nick gets the demos. We did a box set of demos which you might here different lyrics or vocals and some ideas on guitar played by myself."

I see you did the album 'Revisited', which I have to say I didn't know anything about until recently. This album has all old songs re-recorded with Nikolas on vocals and a live DVD, which I knew nothing about. I only thought you did the live album, please tell me more.

"Well it was the audio engineer who had all the camera equipment and I original went to AFM and ask about releasing a Blu Ray and they said it would cost a packet. It was 2 albums budget worth of money, so we agreed on a old fashioned of double albums and it was a 10th of the cost of a Blu Ray. The engineer said you have 500 people turning up for this show you really need to film it. I thought he was shopping for another job to be honest, but he came in with the cameras under this arms so I started to panic and I told him we were not filming the show.

He told me we should record it for our own use so he said he would turn the tapes and he did the for nothing . A month later I looked at the footage and I was amazed to just how good they were. So we took Dennis Wards mix from the live album and we cut the whole live footage and mixed it together."

Do you have songs wrote for the next album?

"We are planning on doing a concept album. I have been working with a guy in Scotland who is a crime writer who is a rock guitarist but has published several novels on crime and I had an idea for a story and I can write music but writing a story and having a plot is a totally different ball game. I knew I could do with some help , so we had been working on this for the last 6 months so when the tour is over and I have more time I will come up with more ideas and riffs to record. We have written the plots for the albums  and the characters and it is a fantasy story."

So who has inspired you to think of recording a concept album?

"Well I grew up with Maiden, Queensrcyhe and Dream Theater who are my favorite bands and I am always looking forward to doing the next thing and for 'Cardinal' we wanted to push more of the progressive elements  and we have an amazing keyboard player in the band who turns to Thorsten and asks if he can play his keyboard riffs and so Thorsten will ask Chrism if he can play his guitar riffs, so they both bounce of each other."

Will the concept album feature any special guest vocalist or musicians?

"Yes we are thinking about it. In the past we had James from Dream Theater on the album and we have one guy in mind but he just came out of something so this has made me think he's not the guy for the record. I think we will wait till the album is ready before we find some guest singers."

So how would you best describe your music? Would you say you have AOR elements?

"Yes I do think we do have AOR elements. I guess you could say Progressive AOR (laughing). We don't do odd time signatures, but the melodies and riffs are there. Whither the new album comes off is another things it is in very early stages"

Have you ever played the Prog Power festival? Also will you play Bloodstock again, you only ever played in a small tent some years go. Also what's the biggest festival you have done?

"No never, we would love to play it but we have never been asked. As for Bloodstock, I think it has gone a little too heavy for us now, and you know our music it has enough metal in it to play some of these festivals. We did the PPM festival in Belgium with Accept and Evergrey in front of 7000 people."

You really do have a good relationship with you're label, have you resigned with them?

"Yes we have signed for 2 more albums, they totally trust me and I have never sent them any demos. They know they will not get a nine inch nails albums (laughing).. We did the tour with Freedom Call and we went to the office for the 1st time and had tea and coffee and buns and we just talked about metal, it's like been out with you're mates."

Moving on now, how may songs will you be playing tonight?

"Well we will be playing the full 'Testament; album from start to finish. I think its about 14-15 songs tonight. We can't wait to play them tonight."

Well Paul thank's for the interview, always a pleasure meeting up. Do you have anything to say before we end the interview?

"Yeah thank you for the interview Jason, good to see you. To the fans thank you for coming to our shows, for buying our CD's and supporting the band."

Thank you to Judith Fisher & Paul & Eden's Curse, best of luck for you're future music careers. Sadly the band broke up shortly after this interview.