The Evidence Is Now Clear, As  Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz Speak's Out

One of Germany's up and coming Metal act's 'Evidence One' have returned with their new stunning album. This is the bands debut album for new label AFM Records, who have so many superb acts like UDO, Doro, The Poodles, Destruction, and so many more acts. This awesome melodic metal act have come a long way since the bands debut album which the band recorded titled 'Criticize The Truth', which certainly opened doors for the band and a bright future was about to begin. Since the release of the bands debut which was the band in a more melodic style received some great review. After which the band went to sign with Nuclear Blast and released their 2nd album 'Tattooed Heart' which saw the band in a heavier approach, but still they managed to keep their melodic roots. Now the band are back and stronger than before and as the new album 'The Sky Is The Limit' shows, this band will stop at nothing until they achieve their goals. Front man Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz had a chat with me about the new album and the bands past. Here is what he had to say, in the meantime please check out this awesome new album you will not be disappointed!!

So Carsten, thanx for taking your time out and for doing this interview. I'd like to start the interview off by asking you how the band came to be?

"Well the band was formed back in 2001 by myself and I hooked up with AOR Heaven boss Georg Siegl, who managed to somehow introduce me to Frontline mastermind Robby Boebel. After a couple of phone calls the two of us met up. We started to write songs for a solo project after I left Domain and we recorded 2 songs in 2 days that turned out to be killer songs. We realized that we had something special happening here that we could start a band with. So we decided to start 'Evidence One' as a proper band. The debut album 'Criticize The Truth' also featured Robby's bassist Thomas 'Hutch' Bauer and we entered Shakra Powerhouse with Roger Tanner. The album was a great success.

So how are the bands influences as a band?

"Well if you listen to the guitar riffs, you can hear bands such as Accept, The Scorpions, Dokken, Queensryche, Judas Priest, Y&T and so many more."

Talking about your debut album 'Criticize The Truth', wasn't that album released on Point Music, how did you hook up with them? Also where you happy with them?

"Well Robby was in Frontline and I was in Domain, both bands were signed to Point Music. The thing with Point Music, is that we had a few offers and it wouldn't of seemed right if we went we a different label back then. All the musician's that were featured on that debut album were also in other Point Music bands and it was a start. Point Music didn't tell us just how many records we had sold, and I don't think they were trustworthy in the end. We sold a couple of 1000 CD's but I guess it could of sold more. AFM Records will re-release the album shortly with bonus track."

After the release of the debut album you left Point Music and signed to Nuclear Blast, how did that come about? That album was also a great release.

"The deal with Nuclear Blast happened really quickly actually. When we played Wacken in 2003 and Matt Sinner (Primal Fear/ Sinner) saw us and contacted Robby and said if you want to leave you're label he was willing to help us. It was Matt who got us signed to Nuclear Blast. I think its a great album and a big step up the ladder for the band. The reason why we left Nuclear Blast was because Matt Sinner left the label and other people working for the label also left, the people who were helping us out. So when we were going to start work on the 3rd album we had some talks with the label and they said they still wanted to keep us, but they wanted to continue with working with the heavier acts they once had when they 1st started out. We was not sure if they would do much for the band in promotion etc... So we decided to leave and look for another label. One of the main guys at N.B left and went to AFM so we knew that he would support the band, and we made the right choice."

So lets talk about the new album, why did you decide to call the album 'The Sky's Is The Limit'? Also did you have any other titles in mind?

"Well ever since we started this band and releasing albums people were telling us that we are so dated and so old fashioned!! If you listen to people from what they say to you then you loose the ambitions and influences. We love the 80/ 90's metal music. People would say that there are no limits, so that is were the title came about 'The Sky Is The Limit', it is out limit and we can do what we want."

What about the cover of the album, it's not what you except from the title

"Yeah the cover is cool, it represents the 2 previous albums, if you look carefully you will see 2 previous covers in there. The 3rd is is a face from a poker game and since we changed labels for the 3rd time it seemed just right, We didn't change our sound and we have become a little heavier now and it is still Evidence One's music."

How long are you staying with AFM records?

(Laughing) "I hope we have found our perfect home now. Only time will tell... We signed for more than 1 record so lets wait and see!!"

How long did it take to record the new album?

"That is a difficult question, Robby owns his own studio and we went to the studio when we had the time and we don't go into the studio for 3-4 wks. I would say it took about a year and a half to record and write the material for this album."

Are the lyrics and music wrote as a team effort or by individuals within the band?

"Well I write the lyrics and for me to write lyrics is like therapy for which I was going through in the last couple of years. There are 2 songs on this new album that which are different from the lyric side which are 'Rain Road' and 'Mr Madness', which I took some inspiration from classic 'Jack The Ripper ' situation. Where the killer becomes the hunted and is behind his victim. Mr. Madness, describes this situation of been out on the night on the hunt and to find the 1 to step down. 'Rain Road', is in the same situation, but from the victims point of view, were you can try to run but you can't hide. I found these ideas very interesting and I decided to do two separate songs form two different angels. It certainly worked better for 'Mr. Madness' as this is a heavier song. 'Luxury Of Loosing Hope' that is about loosing hope, and to me that is a luxury because it is the most valuable thing that you have. 'Won't Sleep Alone', that is about a relationship I was in, were my former girlfriend mistreated me, and I was thinking 'I Wont Sleep Alone' now that your gone and I will find the right girl for sure. 'Propaganda', that is a political song about these so called leaders of the world telling us things that they can't promise to keep. It's mainly about George Bush. 'Next is 'Can't Fight The Past', is exactly what the title says. It's like 'OK, I did wrong, so now I have live with it'. You have to live with what you did and accept it & move on!! For me things happen for a reason, so you have to move on... Next is ' Gallery Of Broken Glass', which is about my last relationship again, and I'm still here and I need to stay in this place. It's when things are broken, I have to live here with the broken glass. Next is 'Mind Mines', is about something that you see, smell, hear something and suddenly a load of memories just hit you in you're mind and explode. Last song is 'Raging Winds', that song is about not giving up and it is 1 of the oldest songs on the new album, and it was written for the 'Tattooed Heart' record and it was suppose to be put on a record that I was recording with a friend that was meant to be on a album that never came out. So we was going to use it on the last album but like i said it never made the last album and we re-arranged it for the new album. 

Will the band record a DVD in the near future?

"Yes I am sure we will, but not until we record the next album. I don't also feel that we are ready to do a full headling tour yet, we have a long way to go before that happens. We might do a bonus DVD with the next album as they seem to be popular right now. 

Have you got any tours planned yet for this year? Any festivals like ProgPower or Bloodstock for next year?

"Well we have some negotiations but we have nothing finalized yet or confirmed yet. We'd love to play ProgPower festival, I love the whole concept and the ideas they have. As for Bloodstock yeah, we'd love that too, its becoming popular so I understand."

What bands would you like to tour with within reason?

"Well I'd like to tour with Edguy, because I think their crowd and fans would pretty much like us. There also cool guys too. I'd love to go on tour with 'The Scorpions' as I look up to these guys, their 1 of my idiol's.

Moving on, what sort of album reviews have you been getting for this album?

"Well everybody seems to like it so far!! A lot of people think that this album will either make or break the band. The classic metal press are impressed with what we do and we have been told that we don't sound like an 80's band. ! journalist said 'This is what Dokken should sound like now', which was a great compliment!!"

This album is a great album with plenty of power and strengths, how many times did you rehearse for this album?

"Well we never rehearsed for the album, we only rehearse for a tour. I live 250 Kilometers away from the rest of the band and if there's tours or show planned then we hook up for a couple of weekends."

So when will the band be touring?

"We expect to be hitting the road on 10th October 2007 and we hope that we can do some tours in countries that we have not been to before."

Ok Carsten, well I want to wish you well with the future of the band, take care and stay in touch. Do you have anything to add so you're fans can read this?

"Yeah, thank you for the interview Jason, to our fans give us a change please and keep the flame burning!!!

Thank's To Mike Exley for setting the interview up, cheers mate!!