Interview with Nasty Ronnie

"Well Nasty Savage return after been off the scene for a decade and as many of you out there as old as I will remember this band back in the day kicking ass with the best, Even Chuck from 'Death' was influenced by the twisted and strange metal act. With such album releases as 'Penetration Point', 'Indulgence' the band released their new mini CD last year titled 'Wages of Mayhem'. Now the band are ready to release their new album titled ', to be release in early 2004. I remember see in this band back in the 80's with Exhumer in the UK, what a great gig that was, and I wish I had started the Zine when I saw them in 87. Anyway I have the pleasure of interviewing frontman Nasty Ronnie to find out about the new album and who this awesome underrated band came to be. Here's what Ronnie had to say."

"My 1st question is, when did the band form the first time around and what name did you go under?"

"When I tried out for Ben ,Fred , & Craig Huffman they were called 'Knightmare' and they just got rid of their chick singer .It was 1983 they were doing mostly cover songs .I came over one night after not showing up the night before to Freds house and sang Iron Maiden 'Wrathchild' about 5 times and left , not hearing anything for a few weeks I saw them at a party and they said yes we want to try you out . I said  great ! I have this name NASTY SAVAGE and a concept that is real and a dream ! within one year we need to record a demo of original music WAGE OF MAYHEM market it ,get signed and tour .Within one year we did it."

"Has the line-up been the same with the bands previous name, if not who replaced who?"

"We soon added a new drummer Curtis Beeson and another guitar Dave Austin along with Fred Bass & Ben Myer ,we recorded WAGE OF MAYHEM DEMO .1984."

"When did you decide to change the name and why the name Nasty Savage? It’s a great name!!"

"When I got in the band we had to use my concept of NASTY SAVAGE & I was NASTY RONNIE the singer / frontman who always lived up to my name,,,,"

"Was the bands music different in the beginning to that of the bands debut release? If so in what way?"

"We had many originals that were cool , Fred was like Steve Harris always writing and creating music that was complex and progressive in nature with cool lyrics ,he influenced me alot at first .I would have to say it was a natural progression .There were a few good songs that never made it on a record from the old days that can still be found on old live tapes in the underground."

"So where did you find the line-up who released the debut album?"

"Already told most of that story , Well Dave was in a band Virgin Killer and I really liked his style they didn't do too much so we went after him and after he saw us live he wanted to be a part of NS !  Curtis had alot of PA gear and a full drum kit plus he smoked on the kit so he was in and that's when we started working."

"I know you appeared on one of the Metal Massacre album, how did that come about?"

"Shopping the demo around I sent one to Brian at METAL BLADE RECORDS . He said we want to use XXX on MM #6 and a full NASTY SAVAGE LP after that."

"Was it that song that got you your deal with Metal Blade the 1st time around?"

"METAL BLADE was the the # 1 upcoming label , the one we dreamed about being on .When you are young you never see the whole picture all at once .They wanted us for 7 years we only wanted to sign for 1 year."

"What other labels approached you beside Metal Blade?"

"We wanted to be on METAL BLADE."

"Were you happy with them looking back?"

"I blame myself or all of us if we got taken or are not happy today there is nothing you can do . Its all learning process .We are happy to be on METAL BLADE in Europe and looking foward to 2004 !!!!!"

"How many demos did the band record before the debut album and how well did they sell? Also what sort of press reactions did you get for them?"

"We only did one DEMO, WAGE OF MAYHEM and it sold about 5000 copies and became a underground metal classic."

"Is it hard for you to create such a unique style of music? I don’t know anybody who has matched you, you rule!!"

"Well , its natural for us to have this sound , we go by whats in our hearts and soul . wait till you hear PSYCHO,PSYCHO !!!!!!!!!!"

"Did the debut album sell well?"

"Yes , it did very well and also became a classic to many still today."

"Besides yourself’s and Death do you think you were the first 2 bands that made it big out of Florida? Also how upset was you to hear of Chuck’s death (Death)?"

"I remember before DEATH when Chuck, Cam & Rick were up front thrashing at our gigs , they would come over from Orlando and were big fans ,The Death of Chuck was a horrifying reality of life and death but his music will always be here to live on 4 ever. At that time 'Savatage' was getting pretty big and also CRIMSON GLORY then came Morbid Angel and all the others."

"Also you have had some bad luck as well, loosing your bass player who I have the pleasure of meeting on the Exhumer/ Nasty Savage tour back in 87. How devastating was it for the band?"

"Wow , 84 sounds like yesterday,,,,,, On our 1st 4 cds we had 4 diffrent bass players , It was a very sad loss of Chris Moorehouse who played on ABSTRACT REALITY EP .( R.I.P. Brother )."

"Ok lets talk about the bands 2nd album ‘Indulgence’, did that album sell well for the band? Also how do you compare it to the debut? What trax from that album stood out for you and why?"

"'INDULGENCE' was another progression for NASTY SAVAGE  and it did well for us .It all stands out for me because it was such a deep concept that was so heavy I can't describe it ,,,,,,,yes I've had it since I was a child ."

"The band later on went on to record the mini CD ‘Abstrat Reality’, do you think it was the right choice of releasing an mini CD instead of a full length album?"

"'ABSTRACT REALITY' was a project that had a body of incredible sound and passion .It was good for the time and you can't change the past."

"The last album you recorded was ‘Penetration Point’, a very strange album but also interesting to hear. How does it work for the band when it comes to writing material, is it a team effort and do you write all the lyrics yourself? If so what goes on in your head when you write such strange lyrics??"

"PENETRATION POINT was really just another NS progression and it may have gone over peoples heads while they were looking for something more basic or popular at the time  NASTY SAVAGE was launching a heavy slab of  reality for themselves to create and enjoy .I write from my heart with a lot of passion about twisted reality mostly .Strange?"

"What songs from that album stand out for you and why? Are there any trax you dislike and why?"

"Its all good , one thing is never go back always move forward ,you can't change the past so move forward positive!"

  "Did that album sell well?"

"Yes it sold well and is still selling on crooked records."

"How do you see each of those albums as a progression?"

"A little more from #18 ,,,,,,,Welcome  Wagon , it talks about 3 diffirent things : Moving into a new place on a new block & having nosy neighbors try to welcome you by prying into life with 20 questions and don't forget on Sat morning when I like to sleep in they like to mow the yard  . #2 going some where you totally enjoy and have a pure great time and feel very welcome like Brazil . #3 people you know that never liked you now do because you won the lottery $$$$$$ and now you are welcome in their crowd . Irrational : all about people who get mad fast and never really think before they strike or blame or yell or scream . Ritual Submission : Kinky rituals and deals to be made , things we do every day  every week like rituals and a little about life and my late friend Van Dercar who was a warlock. Powerslam : Mostly about pro wrestlings brutal reality ,the power and groove make me want to loose control and I think I do ,,?  Sin Eater : a look at yourself ,deep inside and outside proving we are all real and no one is perfect .A hard slap of reality . Penetration Point : at the moment it happens , a quick moment of time to strike , very fast flash back while thinking you have it all planed out . Puzzled : Ben wrote this one and it really is up front and real easy to understand ,I think he writes really good stuff . Horizizertical : just music : unbelievable ! Family Circus : Same as puzzled . This whole CD is about sick or off the wall reality and passion .Things we all have to deal with."

"So why did the band call it a day? I think you were creating some interesting stuff and I was sad to hear you broke up, what was the reason?"

"I guess we were all sad and thats why it happened , like a relationship sometimes they don't work out , you get tired of being tired , everything is falling around you ,the ship is sinking,  don't go down with the ship try to stay out of the whirlpool that drags you under . I still had a life and I was going to be somebody away from music away from metal..."

"So what did the band members do after you broke up? Did you carry on singing or did you go back to wrestling? Also what did you think of the bands your old members did after the band broke up?"

"I did go back into wrestling and producing TV at Universal Studios Fl ,I co produced over 200 episodes of IWF Wrestling in sound stage 22 . I was also Nasty Ronnie the bad guy wrestler / manager . I later started a Biker / Motorcycle TV Show called BORN TO RIDE !! ck out for more info because I've been doing that for the lat 9 years .I did a project called INFERNAL very , very heavy on crooked records . The other guys stuff was all cool too but there is nothing like NASTY SAVAGE and I think we all know that and its great to be back with metal running through my veins !!!!!!!!"

"I remember you telling me in Huddersfield (UK) that you wanted to beat the shit out of Billy Milano, do you remember telling me this and did you ever get a hold of him?"

"Well yes I met up with Billy in NJ on Tour and I ,,,,well  yes ,,,,, you need to ask Richard Bateman Bass player NS , he tells the story better than anyone .He was there and lets just say we became friends in the end and have respect for each other even now .Did he do a rap CD?"

"So what was the reason for you to re-form after all this time? Its great that you have?"

"It was a guy named Horst from Germany the promoter of Bang Your Head Heavy 4 Metal Fest ,I got a call out of the blue to get NS and play this reunion concert .We did it !!! and it felt so good the fans were awesome and magnificent the highlight of my life with NASTY SAVAGE !!!!!,,,,,,,but it was gone so fast like falling in and out of a time tunnel , we wanted more ! How often in life can you go back in time to something you loved so much 10 or 20 years before ??? Well the next guy that got NS back in metal was Dave from Crooked Records ! He put out most of our solo stuff , then re released Penetration Point with a new cover and it was selling dude ! So we were talking and he was interested in getting us back to record something .I said how about 2 new songs and put the original demo just like it is on a cd ?We did a deal ,wrote and recorded 2 new songs Sardonic Mosiac & a tale of past history as we delve back to the old school , Wage Of Mayhem included with the demo 4 songs . At lease fans can have WOM demo on CD along with 2 new NS songs plus it also shows how NS new and old come together after a span of time .It was a test for all of us to come back and create a whole NEW monstrous offering to this new  metal world?ething .I said how about 2 new songs and put the original demo just like it is on a cd ?We did a deal ,wrote and recorded 2 new songs Sardonic Mosiac & a tale of past history as we delve back to the old school , Wage Of Mayhem included with the demo 4 songs . At lease fans can have WOM demo on CD along with 2 new NS songs plus it also shows how NS new and old come together after a span of time .It was a test for all of us to come back and create a whole NEW monstrous offering to this new  metal world?"

"Was it hard to get the line-up from the bands last album ‘Penetration Point’? Is the line-up still the same, if not who has gone and who is the new members, where did you find them?"

"On this NEW CD  'PSYCHO  PSYCHO' we have the line up from 1989 Penetration Point CD !!!!!!!!  YES,YES , and it will kick your ass people are saying its a mix between NASTY SAVAGE & INDULGENCE !!!!!!  I say its a progression of NS! "

"Last year you released the mini CD Wages Of Mayhem, why was it only 2 new trax? I guess I was a little disappointed with only 2 new trax and 4  demos trax, what was the reason to only release just 2 songs? There great by the way!!"

We had a mission to do a whole new slab of good clean NASTY SAVAGE .We did a fine deal with Dave from Crooked Records and knew we had to deliver a gem of mayhem and madness.We had time to live life and deal with reality and we all grew a little older and felt this chance to create .It was great to work together  again now 110% into it !!!! , five for one and one for 5 !! A big props for Dave from Crooked Records for without him I would not be here in your room on your monitor hanging out with you bro ! We owe him for that and that's why we gave it all on PSYCHO PSYCHO !!!!!!!"

"Did the mini CD sell well and what sort of press did it get?"

"It did good and is still selling , press was all very positive . That's why we did a new project."

"So you’ve just mixed or mastered the new album, what's it called and what is the cover concept? Did you have any other titles and covers in mind?"

"It's all in stone now . PSYCHO PSYCHO  see it @   please sign our guest book and let us know you are out there. When you get the new CD or see us live you can post on there what you think."

"Are you happy with the way it turned out and what's the songs called and about?"

"The best production yet ! It all started with Paul Curcio who produced the 1st Metallica Lp , he was paid to produce it but we soon all found out the guy really wasn't a producer not making one change or 1bit of  input in the drum tracks , bass ,or  guitars .He no showed a few days and became a inside studio joke. He was let go and we soon got Donald Tardy drummer Andrew W Kay ,Obituary came in and worked hard with us along with Mark Prader who engineered the sessions work."

"What songs stand out for you the most and why? Any least fav trax and why?"


"When will it be released and who produced it?"

"It should be out in Europe on METAL BLADE Feb 04 , ask for it now !!!!! demand it !!!!"

"Are you still signed to Crooked Records, if not who are you with now? Also who else approached you for a deal? When will we see the band touring in Europe and have you got a Euro deal, if so who with?"

"Crooked Records USA , Europe METAL BLADE , looking into Australia ,Japan , & South America .It was all about Crooked Records only."

"Well Ronnie, take care and thanx for the interview, best of luck and I hope we meet again in the UK. Do you have anything to say before we finish?"

"Thank you very much Friday 13th Metal Zine !!!!!!!  We hope to see you all soon !!! To those who do not know NASTY SAVAGE  in this year 2004 just take a chance and find out who drives the bus back into the old school,,,,,we aren't just another new pretty face . Is everybody in ????? We are back and we have the power !!! Don't miss it !!!"

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