Welcome to 'Friday 13th' Zine, here is the history which is probably the longest lasting Zine on the planet, well one of them  anyway!! The Zine was originally formed out of the ashes of a Zine I was about to contribute too but in the end I decided to try it for myself, glad I did otherwise I would not be here today. The name of the Zine was not hard to pick as I was born on the 13th (1970) and well with my name been Jason I thought it suited the Zines name, a really Heavy Metal name right? 

Back in the 80's it was very hard to start a Zine,  because  not too many label's  would  entertain Zine's  and give out promotional releases LP's/ CD's , so I had to do a lot of hard work and try to convince labels I was putting together a Zine. 

The first label who showed interest with my project was Roadrunner Records (UK), were label manager Mark Palmer & former employee Rudy Reed (thanx guys). 

They gave me the chance, were I had the pleasure of doing my first interview in 89 with Crimson Glory @ Nottingham 'Rock City', a great night that I will never  forget. The first form of doing the Zine came from a typewriter, which I used for a number of years, until I bought an electric typewriter which made the Zine look a lot better. 

After selling the electric typewriter I bought a word processor, which I used for basic layout and the final results ended up on a computer, as so of my regular readers will already know. 

(The picture is me with uncle Lemmy and the boys, 'Motorhead' when I was 12yrs old back in 83, they father took these pictures of me and Anvil both at the same show. Recently my Father passed away in Dec 2019, I miss him so much. If it wasn't for my dad these amazing pictures would of never of been taken).

Over the years the Zine  has been receiving overwhelming praise from die hard metalheads and bands from around the world, along with the labels that have stood by me over the years, without all the label's, band's, & readers the Zine would  have not lasted as long as it has. so thanx a million!!!

The very first issue released in early 89 featured interview with some classic metal acts such as: Crimson Glory, Forbidden, Sacred Reich, Slammer (UK), Bloodfeast, Incubus (Death Metal), Leeway, Liege Lord and many more killer acts!!! 

I am so glad I started the Zine back then as I had the chance to interview some of the finest underground metal acts of all time, some of which are no longer with us (Yet)  but I am sure with the way the scene is going it will all come back - lets hope & pray!!

Friday 13th has also had the pleasure of interviewing the following bands, as well as 1000's more, too many to mention, but here are a few names: Metalllica ,Judas Priest (Metal Gods), Halford (Metal Messiah), Over Kill, Vicious Rumors, COC, DRI, Onslaught, Queensryche, Annihilator, Conception, Slayer, Sepultura, Heathen, Dark Angel, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Fear Factory, Doro, Machine Head, Pantera, Trouble, Kings X, Psychotic Waltz, Fates Warning, Dream Theater,  Yngwie Malmsteen, Biohazard, Kreator, Exciter, Helloween, Tad Morose, Nevermore, Testament, Iced Earth, Saxon, Destruction,  Exodus, Symphony X, and many more!!! 


Friday 13th welcome's Mike Exley to the camp, a true Metalhead - cheers bro!!

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Since issue #14 (I believe) the zine started to have a full colour covers  up until I decided to create a web zine . Below are some older covers for you to check out. 

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Here's a list of my favourite album's all in order.

                             Well here is a list of my all time favourite album's in just in case you're interested to know what I grew up on, all in order. 

Classic Metal

Progressive Metal Power Metal Thrash Metal Death & Hardcore
Judas Priest "Screaming For Vengeance" Psychotic Waltz "A Social Grace" Helstar  "Nosferatu" Over Kill "Taking Over" Malevolent Creation "10 Command
Tygers Of Pan Tang  "Crazy Nights" Fates Warning  "No Exit" Omen  "Warning Of Danger" Exciter  "Violence & Force" Death  "Human"
Trouble  "The Skull" Symphony  X  "V" Hexx  "Under The Spell" Metallica  "Master Of Puppets" Believer  "Sanity Obscure"
Queensryche  "The Warning" Enchant  "Wounded" Vicious Rumors  "Same" Anthrax  "Fistful Of Metal" Sacrifice  "Forward To Termination"
Glenn Hughes  "From Now On" Conception  "In Your Multitude" Hades  "Resisting Success" Slayer  "Reign In Blood" Suffocation "Effigy Of The..."
Lita Ford  "Dancing On The Edge" Section A  "The Second Sign" Apocrypha  "Eyes Of Time" Laaz Rockit  "Know Your..." Morbid Angel  "Alters of Madness"

Kick Axe  "Vices"

Ark  "Burn The Sun" Bloodlust  "Guilty As Sin" Agent Steel "Unstopable..." Cannibal Corpse  "Suicide Gallery"
Gillan  "Double Trouble" Dream Theater "When Dream &." Liege Lord  "Master Control" Sacred Reich  "Ignorance" Carcass  "Heart Work"
Black Sabbath  "TYR" Catharsis  "Pathway To Wholeness" Deadly Blessing  "Ascend From..." Forbidden  "Forbidden Evil" Exhorder  'The Law"
Jorn  "World Change" Vanden Plas  "Beyond Daylight" Fight  "War Of Worlds" Bloodfeast  "Kill For Pleasure" Gorguts "Considered Dead"
Pretty Maids  "Lethal Heroes" Artension "Phoenix Rising" Racer X  "Second Heat" Artillery  "Terror Squad" Napalm Death "Killing Greed"
Barren Cross  "State Of Control" Silent Force "Empire Of The Future" Winters Bane  "Heart Of A Killer" Nasty Savage "Indugence" Obituary  "Cause Of Death"
TT Quick  "Metal Of Honour" Mystic Force  "Man Vs Machine" Hittman  "Same" James Murphy "Feeding.." Invocator  "debut"
The Rods  "Wild Dogs" Visionary  "Strange But Familiar.." Toxic  "Think This" Kreator  "Terrible Certainty" Illdisposed  "Four Depressive.."
Saxon  "Heavy Metal Thunder" Pagan's Mind  "Celestial Entrance" Sword  "Metalized"  Sepultura "Beneath The.." Deicide "Same"
Thin Lizzy  "Thunder & Lightning" Greyhaven  "Same" Malice  "In The Beginning" Destruction  "Eternal...." Mearuder  "Master Killer"
John Norum  "Final Destination" The Quiet Room  "Introspect" Warlord  "Cannons Of Destruction" Coroner  "R.I.P." Cro-Mags  "Ages Of Quarrel"
Kings X  "Dogman" Magnitude 9  "Chaos To Control" Cities  "Annihilation Absolute" Dark Angel  "Darkness..." Crumbsuckers  "Beast On My.."
Accept  "Restless & Wild" Twilight  "Eye For An Eye" Oliver Magnum "Same" Exodus  "Bonded By Blood" Ludichrist  "Deception ..
Blacksmith  "Once Upon A Star" Lana Lane  "Secrets Of Astrology" Sanctuary  "Into The Mirror Black" Heathen  "Victim Of..." Leeway  "Born To Expire"
Tsunami  "Same" Digital Ruin "Listen" Recon  "Behind Enemy Lines" Whiplash  "Insult To Injury" Bad Brains  "I Against I"
Y&T  "Black Tiger" Spirial Architect "A Spectics.." Steel Prophet "Goddess Principle" Quick Change  "Circus Of.." Biohazard  "Urbane Discipline"
Dokken  "Tooth & Nail" Sanvoisen  "Exotic Ways" Powerlord  "The Awakening" Testament  "Low" Misery 'Unnecessary Evil"
Mad Max  "Stormchild" Pryamaze "Melancholy Beast" Nevermore  "Politics Of Ecstasy" Exhumer  "Rising From..."
Whitesnake  "1987" Minds Eye   "A Work Of Art" King Diamond  "Abigail" Gothic Slam  "Another Face.."


White Sister  "Same" Treasure Land  "Gateway" Eidolon  "Zero Hour" Flotsam & Jetsam "Dooms.." TBA
Yngwie Malmsteen   "Fire & Ice" Evergrey  "Recreation Day" Halloween  "No One Gets Out" Nuclear Assault "Handle.." TBA
TNT  "Knights Of The New Thunder" Heir Apparent  "One Small Voice" Lethal  "Programmed" Machine Head "Burn My Eyes" TBA
Bonfire  "Fireworks" Ivanhoe  "Polarized" Savage Grace  "After The Fall..." Wargasm  "Why Play Around" TBA
Seventh Sign  "Perpetual Destiny" Shadow Gallery  "Carved In Stone" Amulance  "Feel The Pain" Forced Entry "Uncertain.." TBA
Galactic Cowboys  "Same" Lordbane  "Age Of Elegance" Crimson Glory  "Transcendence" Devastation "Signs Of Life" TBA
Blackfoot  "Meuader" Talamasca  "Ascension" Cacophony "Go Off" Deliverance  "Same" (U.S.) TBA
Strangeways  "Walk In The Fire" Tunnelvision  "While World Awaits" Cage  "Darker Than Black" Evil Dead "The Underworld"


Journey  "Frontiers" Exises  "Reternity" Seven Witches  "City Of Lost Souls" Assassin "Interstellar..." TBA
Warlock  "Hellbound" House Of Spirit  "Turn of The Tide" Glenmore  "Materialized" Napalm  "Cruel Tranquility" TBA
Glory "To Give Is 2 Forget" Defyance  "Transition Forms" Jackal  "Vague Visions" Death Angel  "Ultra Violence" TBA
Witchfinder General  "Death Penalty" Tears Of Anger  "Still Alive" Kamelot  "Eternity" Celtic Frost "Vanity Nemesis" TBA
5th Angel  "Same" Mercury Rising  "Upon Deaf Ears" Jag Panzer "Casting The Stone" Tourniquet  "Stop The..." TBA
Bad Moon Rising  " Last Tribe  "The Ritual" Nartia  "Changes"

Reverend "World Won't Miss"

24-7 Spyz  "Strength In Numbers" All Too Human  "Entropy" Iced Earth  "The Dark Saga" Have Mercy "Armageddon.." TBA
Lynch Mob  "Wicked Sensation" Threshold  "Subsurface" Brainstorm  "Ambiguity" Meanstreak "Roadkill" 


Skagarack  "Hungry For A Game" Sun Caged "Same" Barren Cross "State On Control" Fear Of God  "Beyond The Veil" TBA
Pink Cream 69  "One Size Fits All" Power Of Omens  "Eyes Of The Oracle" Wrath  "Nothing To Fear" TBA TBA
Impelletteri  "Stand In Line" DC Cooper  "Same" Wicked Maraya  "Cycles" TBA TBA
Badlands  "Same" Pain Of Salvation "The Perfect.." Phantom  "Cyberchrist" TBA TBA
Motorhead  "Ace Of Spades"

 Cea Serin  "Where Memories.."

Edwin Dare  "Cant Break Me"


Stryper  "Soldiers Under Command"

Transcendence "The Meridian."

Letter X  "Born Into Darkness" TBA TBA
Saraya "When The Black Bird Sings"   Balance Of Power "Heathen.." Elegy  "Labyrinth Of Dreams" TBA TBA

The Scorpions "Tokyo Tapes"

Scenes  "Call Us At... "  

Tad Morose "Matters Of The Dark" TBA


Tony Macalpine "Master Of..."

Event "Electric Skies"   Mind Odyssesy  "Keep On Turning" TBA TBA
Savatage "Edge Of Thorns" Circus Maximus  " The 1st Chapter"  Hallows Eve  "Monument" TBA TBA
Parish "Envision" Redemption "The Fullness Of.." Tarantula  "Light Beyond The.." TBA TBA
Evidence One "Tattooed Heart"  Anubis Gate  "A Perfect Forever"  Helloween  "Walls Of Jericho" TBA TBA
Motley Crue  "Shout At The"   

Cloudscape "Same"  

Grave Digger  "War Games"


Ratt "Out Of The Cellar"   Masterplan  "MK II"   Gargoyle  "Same" TBA TBA
Pink Cream 69  "Sonic Dynamite" Silent Force  "Walk The Earth"   Alias  "Metal To Infinity" TBA TBA
Warrior  "Fighting For The Earth" Zero Hour  "Specs of.."  Dream Evil  "Book Of HM" TBA


TBA Circle II Circle  "Delusions Of Grandeur"  Control Daniel  "The Fragile Art.." TBA TBA
TBA TBA Distant Thunder "Welcome To.." TBA TBA
TBA TBA Gamma Ray  "No World Order" TBA TBA
TBA TBA Rawhead Rexx "Dairy In Black" TBA TBA


Sacred Warrior "Wicked Generation"


TBA TBA Pantera  "Cowboys From Hell" TBA TBA
TBA TBA Primal Fear  "Devil Ground" TBA TBA
TBA TBA Marshall Law  "Same" TBA TBA
TBA TBA Abattoir  "Only Safe Place" TBA TBA
TBA TBA Angra  "Temple Of Shadows" TBA TBA
TBA TBA Savage Steel "Begins With A .." TBA TBA
TBA TBA Arcane "Destination Unknown" TBA TBA
TBA TBA Power "Justice Of Power" TBA TBA
TBA TBA Oracle "As Darkness Reigns" TBA TBA
TBA TBA Hollow  "Architect Of The Mind" TBA TBA
TBA TBA Medalyon  "Vision"  TBA TBA
TBA TBA Radakka "Malice & ..." TBA TBA
TBA TBA Wild Dogs  "Reign Of Terror" TBA TBA